FLYING PIG MARATHON 20th anniversary celebration

We’re serious about swine.

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With more than 40,000 participants each May, the Flying Pig Marathon is one of the largest (and definitely the most fun and quirky) marathon weekends in the country.

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A landmark occasion -- the 20th anniversary of the race -- provided the perfect reason to ramp up the marathon and extend the marathon's footprint into new events, commemorations and overall fun-ness.

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A new finish line provided a made-for-broadcast setting complete with a live studio for media partners. The creation of a new event, the PIGGY's, made for a media-friendly awards show, and more. 

The results

Earned Media Results

Broadcast results include:

700 stories

$12,241,470 in earned value

23,380,652 in total impressions

Broadcast coverage totaling 17 hours, 27 minutes, 11 seconds

Web coverage

Earned value of $671,091

145,100,810 in total impressions

WLWT-TV ratings continue to reflect the popularity of the Pig

Ratings for the live broadcast of the Flying Pig Marathon were up double digits from the year before. Besides the race day coverage, WLWT-TV also had the hour-long live broadcast of the PIGGYs awards show the Thursday before the marathon. 

Social Media Activity

From June 2017 through May 2016, Flying Pig Marathon social content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram received more than 14.7 million impressions from more than

245,000 people.

Across all social media platforms, there are 76,326 fans, an 11% increase over last year.

Social media has become a major customer service channel for participants to engage with the Marathon. Last year, the Marathon social media team received and answered 37,247 messages on social media.